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Absolute Vibe

This was our 2 hour package shot by the divine 'Clements & the Fox' photography.

You can book us as a 2 hour package for $1500 & receive a full legal ceremony anywhere you like & 60 edited high resolution pictures like these.

Sand unity beach_edited.jpg
Molapo Mosa clapping_edited.jpg
Molapo Mosa dance.jpg
M & M dance.jpg
M & M big dance.jpg
dsc05258 (1).jpg

Private property

This arbour was built by the brides father on their stunning property, needless to say it was a perfect day, shot by my team @Caris.bingemannphotography in one of my packages.Beautiful humans and I was happy to be a part of there day in nature surrounded by visitors James had not seen for 15 years. Who wants to get married?


dsc05268 (1).jpg

Sand unity


Special backyard weddings

This gorgeous country couple brought all their country family, there were cowboys & cowgirls, countey music playing 'UP LOUD' and together we created the vibe of wedlock on their property. I love to do this, collaborate with all your ideas & bring them to life. Absolute magic!

Devotion package

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Between myself, the bride & groom & my photographer we come to you and bring your vision to life. Marry you, take your pictures & leave you to party with your nearest & dearest. It's easy, laid back, whilst still delivering a vibrant ceremony with wolf whistles all round, it's a relaxing vibe for all.

Vibrant service

Down to earth celebrants make a difference when you are creating a magical vibe.



What's your vibe

Ask me to help you create your dream wedding. I have a plethora of knowledge in aesthetics & happy to guide you or be guided by you & meet you where you are at.

A collaboration!

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