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True to our name

A ritual is commonly known as a precise sequence of words. For example; marriage, funeral, formal events, rites of passage, purification acts, we encourage these acts in our ceremonies.

Hand fasting & Sacred sage visionary display


Some rituals to choose from;

Handfasting ~ The hand fasting knot that is tied is a symbolic representation of oneness between the couple. In a show of unity, they become bound to each other.

The "jumping the broom" ritual originated in the early 19th century, the tradition was to lay a broom on the ground and jump over it together. Today, the act represents a "brushing away" of the past in order to start clean. (The broom is wrapped in flowers and herbs.

The Sand-Pouring Ritual 'Sand-unity'. A wonderful way of joining two families together, children or In-laws can all participate in pouring different coloured sand into the glass cylinder uniting families together. The combinations in coloured sand symbolises the union of two families.

The Ring-Warming Ritual. The ring warming rituals creates a great unifying moment. Before the rings are exchanged, each guests holds the ring tied together by ribbon and says their vows.

Fun fact you don't need to do any of these, it's your day, you choose entirely how you would like the service to be, but we suggest the kiss comes sooner rather than later.


Ring warming & Sand unity

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Our Approach


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