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Chosen celebrant in this years 2023 edition of the WA Bridal Mag

Welcoming a traditional service or open to any cultural rituals, any ceremonial rituals


The script

I am youthful passionate and driven, having started my role as a celebrant at a young age, it is not just a side gig for me. 

Script writing is an illuminating process and each of my couples gets a very personal dialogue. That is my gift.

My job is to narrate your story to the audience.

It should be a personal piece of poetry.

This love business is a deeply cathartic rule-breaking journey.

"If you are plan to love someone for a lifetime, be prepared to grieve for the versions of themselves they will outgrow". ~ Donna Ashworth

Love is love.

Allow me to tell your story.

Hand fasting

Ancient tradition which literally means to tie-the-knot!

The first pictures are a style where the rope is layered & hands are pulled through to form a trinity knot-fun!

The second visions the couple had a simplistic knot with colours specific to their lineage

handfast 3 han.jpg
Hand fast 4.JPG
Hand fast Buckland.jpg
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