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Funeral Celebrant & 



I offer my services in alliance with the funeral companies or I can meet you anywhere you on a beach, in a hall & specialise in holding a healing space of the bereaved. I bring my PA system & can organise funeral music artists & we can make a beautiful memorial in any location we choose. I also host 'Death Cafe's', which allow people to come & speak about their grief, suicide ideation, miscarriage, termination, loss, etc. I am a certified 'Death Doula', which allows me to be with families as they are going through loss, trauma informed & educated on the funeral industry.


Civil Funeral Celebrant

We humans need each other for our cultural and social infrastructure. This is a place I have a gift given to me to serve and honour people in their times of grief and despair. Public speaking, creative writing, interpersonal skill, empathy and organisational skills. This includes one meeting in person for 2 hours to write the story of life.

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Death Midwife

I offer my services to be with you and your family as someone is passing. I hold space for both the family and for the person transitioning. I am a certified 'Death Doula' and have personal experience in being there in this time.

My fee is $100 per hour and I have back up Doula support, we will do 3 hour shifts or can stay over night.

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'Ceremony in Elements'

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