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2 hours of power

Celebrant & Photographer


I developed these packages with my favourite photographers & friends.

The idea with a celebrant & photographer package is easy. We come, marry you, take your picture & leave you to party. In return you receive high resolution pictures, my PA system for music & wireless microphone, signing table & 2 chairs, full legal ceremony & service by me. You choose the package that suits.

Rebecca Mic.jpg
Rebecca Mic.jpg
drone 2.jpg

Rebecca De Vries

Yes she operates a drone and we offer our 2 hour package for $1700-

We work together with creativity, helping you pose & feel comfortable.

Celebrant + Perth Hills Photographer.  

K & M leaf.jpg
K & M dip.jpg
K & M leaf.jpg
Rebecca Swimming.jpg

4 hour $2k

We offer to get the drone up & a cinematic reel in our hybrid style creative package, both Celebrant + Photographer RDV weddings

K & M black & white.jpg
M N K.jpg
B & W.jpg

Down South Elopements
With infamous
Bussleton based
$2k 150 pics & Highlight reel
Celebrant + Photographer 

Sam arms.jpg
Sam  kiss.jpg
Sam hat.jpg
Sam shaking beer.jpg
Sam hat.jpg
Sam up yours.jpg
San dog.jpg

Dreamy Moody Candid

@nancyhannaphotography She is the purest of soul and the the most artistic photographer. She gets really crafty with her shot's. And a long time friend of mine, whom I trust entirely. She will make you feel very comfortable, the most nurturing, so if that's what you need, book her.

BEACH 3.jpg


This is Nancy Hanna Photography. She is a fairytale photographer, talented a creative genius and oh so nurturing if you feel a tad uncomfortable. Her pictures create a nostalgic vibe. You will receive a full gallery in high resolution. Very beautiful editing.

BEACH 3.jpg
Gay rainbow.jpg
Gay water shot.jpg
Karyn walking.jpg


'Intimate & Nostalgic.

Crafting whimsical, artistic & romantic images for couples in love, documentary style photography for those who want to slow down time. Extremely talented & offering a discount below her price as she teams up with Celebrant pal of 15years Joleen. Together their creative abilities are stunning, please view some of our work below.

molapo + mosa_joleen_websize-29.jpg

$3500  3 hours

'Clements & The Fox'
The seasoned professional holding her own in the industry for 11 years. Together we offer our 'Elite' collaboration to treat you like a Queen & King. Karyn is extremely talented, spending hours editing the pictures in intricate obsessive detail.
We will travel to you together, besties of 15 years, we love a road trip & create the most enchanting weddings, we promise to make you look as elegant as the dream you inspire.
The Love Package.


Asian bricks.jpg
Belle spark focus.jpg
molapo + mosa_joleen_websize-11_edited.jpg
molapo + mosa_joleen_websize-22_edited.jpg
molapo + mosa_joleen_websize-11_edited.jpg
Porcelien beauty.jpg
buckland kiss.jpg
Natasha close up_edited.jpg
molapo + mosa_joleen_websize-19.jpg
Belle white.jpg
bell kiss.jpg
Hands 2.jpg
Wine box.jpg
Porcelien beauty.jpg
Wine box.jpg
Ring blessing.jpg
Sam + Pat_previews-15.jpg
Molapo Mosa dance.jpg
Lil & Jay pose.jpg
JO Georgia.jpg
Digital art exhibit

Add Videography $500

Below is a 2 hour ceremonial video which can be added to any package

Produced by Marina @mxfilmco

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